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Trust & accountability


I'm Owl,  coach, author,health educator, podcast host and integrative medicine enthusiast. I help people reach health, physically, mentally and emotionally. Helping others cultivate and restore joy through health is my passion.


             Poor health makes paupers of us all

                       ~Owl C Medicine


I have had amazing opportunities in my life, that allowed me to become proficient in  many healing modalities like allopathic medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbology, osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy and breath-work, cupping and moxibustion as well as manual lymph drainage.



My background:


I was a combat medic and trained as a nurse in the Air Force. I learned both branches of osteopathy from two incredible D.O.'s.


I freelance each summer as a physio for circus acrobats at the peak of their careers, as well as volunteer serving refugees seeking asylum to the US.

I use my extensive and diverse background to show people that the natural state of the human body is health.


What I can do for you.

My specialty as a health coach is finding alternative, minimally invasive and creative ways to accomplish the goals you and your provider have agreed to be best for you.

I use my 13 years of  diverse experience, knowledge and expertise to help you pick a path, that will work best for you, to achieve your health goals and beyond.

Whether you want to recover from a surgery, prevent a surgery, lose weight, control pre-diabetes, or build physical therapy programs after insurance cuts you off.

Let me help you achieve your  health goals.     

What is a Health Coach?

 A health coach fills in the gaps between what happens at the doctors office and real life. Think of your coach as a partner for your health. We help clients find practical ways to achieve the goals you've created with your provider.

Who hires coaches?


Everybody does! I've helped everyone from personal trainers to corporate executives, flight attendants, photographers, private contractors, auto-mechanics, retirees, single parents and hopefully you, lead healthier lives. 

Why I became a coach

Doctors visits are getting shorter and shorter, leaving less and less time for providers to explain to patients the hospital policies, procedures, standards of practice, alternative options or the logic behind any of these things. That's where a coach comes in.

As a coach, I take the time to explain what your provider may have left out, skipped over or just not had time to explain. So you can make informed decisions for yourself.  I often play medical jargon translator & patient advocate.

What I help clients do  

I've helped clients prep for gastric sleeve surgery, pursue safe medical tourism for  affordable care abroad, learn to cope with their ADHD, control type 2 diabetes, avoid "unavoidable" surgeries, and seek out second and third opinions.


I can help you

Let me be a partner on your health journey. If you want an experienced medical professional you can trust by your side every step of the way? If you could use some accountability with your health goals?


Click "CALL ME" at the bottom of the page to book your FREE 15 min health history! I offer this no cost consultation service to evaluate if health coaching is the right fit for you. No strings attached. So schedule yours now!

Book your free 15min Health History call!

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