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About Me

Owl Chrysalis Medicine potters wheel

I started my healthcare career in 2010 in the Airforce as Medical Technician aka Combat Medic and Military Nurse. There I was trained in osteopathy by two amazing D.O.'s (Doctor of Osteopathy) one of which was also an acupuncturist! That's what inspired my integrative medical career. I got out of the military and pursued life on the streets free from the confines of the rigid structure of the military to learn how to  de-militarize and after a few years traveling I did. My travels and passion for medicine brought me to a attend a program for Acupuncture and Herbology in San Diego. That experience deeply changed and inspired me. It helped me find and realize a vision of a mobile clinic that treated the forgotten and ignored people that I spent years with on the road and in the streets. Ive been running clinics and helping friends ever since. Only interrupted by intermittent stents as a free lance physio for circus acrobats in Europe, trauma relief in pop up clinics at protests and spending as much time in the woods as I can in-between.

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