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Childhood trauma sucks. This book teaches survivors to find the skills it gave them and leverage them into superpowers.


You aren't broken you're a highly trained specialist in working in the wrong field.


For more info check out my Patreon! and


IIN Certified Health Coach

I offer 1 on 1 and group health coaching.

If you want help getting your mental or physical health to improve dramatically check out the coaching page for more info.

decolonize Healthcare graphic.png is an online directory for the best tools & and teachers.

There are free programs you can join to build healthful habits. Programs for self-care routines, home-cooking, meditation and more. As well as an ever expanding and updated Education Page.

Speak Plainly Podcast Icon.jpg

Speak Plainly talks about "things that matter"  The stuff that's most on my heart and mind at the time.


Usually new health  related science, the effects of trauma, movement, spirituality and the like. If you're a podcast person check it out!

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